Hey, you crafty farmers,
We know a lot of you like cooking, baking or otherwise preparing tasty stuff!
Since you probably know we're hungry all the time, we decided to give you a little task for a chance to win the Community Decoration:
Create a new Big Farm favorite meal, take a picture of it and publish it here!

We Don't care if it's cake, ice cream, soup, roastbeef or pasta, bacon, waffles, eggs, burger or cookies, bacon, breakfast, pizza, sushi or bacon - everything's allowed, as long as the following rules are maintained:

  • The meal has to be associated with the game at first glance.
    Meaning you could for example use the Big Farm logo or a character, or create a whole farm out of the meal.
  • The meal should, if possible, be self-made.
    Alternatively you could use a readily made meal and decorate it with Big Farm-y stuff.
  • Your username has to be visible on the picture of the meal.
    You could put a little piece of paper with your name in the picture. Altering the picture to add your name with image editing software is not allowed and will lead to disqualification.

To show you what we mean, here's a little example made by us:


We're sure you'll do much better though

The 3 most creative menus will get the Community Fireplace, our Community Decoration, that's only obtainable through forum contests etc.
Entry deadline will be January 31st 2014.

We hope you have a lot of fun cooking, baking or frying and we're already excited for what you will come up with.

(Latten would be especially happy if you actually would send him your meal! If you want to do that, just ask one of us about our address, if you can't find it ;)  )

Greetings from your CMs
Latten & Nafaru