This event is timed and can be completed at your Island Farm. It has 5 stages

Stage 1 Simple But Unbelievably Tasty Edit

Collect orange fizz 7 times Edit

Grow oranges on your field and produce orange fizz at the Beach Bar


If you have Island dollars, workers and space available, build an extra field


50,000 shells

Stage 2: A fine meal for fine birds Edit

Produce 150 peacock feed Edit

The sugar mill requires 600 peanuts to produce 10 peacock feed

Harvest 6,000 peanuts Edit

The field can produce 280 peanuts in 1:10:00 hour


100,000 Sea shells, 10 Premium Island Fertilizer

Stage 3: Always have something in stockEdit

Harvest  1,700 mangoesEdit

Produce 3 island humusEdit

Produce 250 island fertilizerEdit


150,000 sea shells