Valentine's day event.

When: 2/4/17 to 2/14

Collect Hearts and balloons to get a reward.

Where: All farms

Collect balloons and chocolates from harvesting in your fields, orchards, stables, and production facilities.

Find hearts hidden in the landscape around your village each day. Main, Gourmet, Flower farms, stables and Cooperative village all have a (varying) number of hearts to find each day. Search areas that don't change between players.

Heart Locations by Day

(H) = Hidden R=Red B=Blue <3 = Heart

NSWE= Standard Wind Compass abbreviations

Heart Locations, ~6 days remaining:

Farm Description of Heart Location
Main Farm (H) R<3 behind berry bush near Gourmet Farm Sign

R<3 behind bush next to Timed Event corral
R<3 in branches of tree NWcorner near horizon
(H)R<3 H behind tree trunk near to but SW of Garage

Gourmet Farm R<3 tucked away in trees near Decoration Tower.

(H): R<3 H behind deciduous tree leaves, SE of Decor Tower

B<3 in deciduous tree leaves below Airport sign

R<3 in cooperative village

B<3 on Market fence


Flower Farm B<3 x3: in, under dock near Fisherman.

(H) R<3 behind scrub bushes, WNW. Near deadwood tree.

R<3 x2: forest section near southernmost corner of develop-able land.

B<3: in the middle of the gulf SSE

Horse Ranch (H) R<3: Behind bushes Far West side of screen.

B<3 SW corner.

(H) R<3 behind tree trunk directly S of Competition Transporter

(H) B<3: behind rock South side of screen.

(H) B<3 behind tree trunk, by plateau near mine.

B<3 in aloe plant S of mine.

R<3 WSW edge in tree leaves

(H) B<3 behind cactus-bush, NW of Timed Event Corral.

Coop Village (H) R<3 behind deciduous tree leaves

near stream, NE edge.

(H X2) R<3s behind wall and roof of house SE of Bank

R<3 in tree along path, SE corner

(H) R<3 in yellow tent door Southernmost Edge

R<3 by bloomin' beetle, SW corner

R<3 in tree by W foot bridge

B<3 in stream E of island.