What is Prime Day?Edit

Prime Day is a 24 hour Event where a bonus is offered if you purchase enough gold while it's active. There are many different Prime Days available, each offering different bonuses and requiring different amounts of gold to be purchased.

The objective is to fill the container with gold purchased to receive the reward. The container can be filled up to 5 times which means you receive 5 amounts of the reward.

The gold that's purchased is yours to keep and use however you wish to on the farm.

Shorter build timeEdit

When 30,000 gold is purchased during this Prime Day, it decreases the build time of buildings, fields and orchards across all the farms for 24 hours.

Prime day shorter build time


Purchase 6,000 gold while this Prime Day is active and receive 10 tokens for use with the Wheel of Fortune.

Prime day tokens

Mystery boxEdit

Purchase 30,000 gold and you receive 5 gold mining licenses; $25,000; 3 premium humus; 50 leaves and twigs; 100 dung; 100 premium chicken feed; 50 premium pig feed; 30 premium cow feed.

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