Greta Greensmith is the new landscape designer of Big Farm. Note this event is only visible from level 50 !  


Greta now visits our farms regularly & she will offer to disassemble and upgrade decorations to help you with all your space and lay-out issues. She pops up in the same way the architect does, as an event, luckily more regularly than Steve Screwdriver The Architect.

The Landscape Architect / Designer Event Edit

The Landscape Designer will allow players to improve existing decorations, as well as disassembling decoration that is no longer needed. Decoration parts gained by disassemble can be used to improve decoration as well.


The Landscape Designer will be used on the main farm, Gourmet farm and Flower farm simultaneously, the player can only access the farm decorations & decoration from the local inventory of the farm you're currently on. For example, as long as you're on the Flower farm, you can not use decoration assigned to the main or Gourmet farm for the Landscape Architect. But Drop Box Decorations can be accessed on whole.

Improving / Upgrading Decorations Edit

Existing decoration in each farms & also the decorations stored in inventory (local inventory & drop box), can now be improved. An improvement will improve happiness and the quality of a decoration, so it can be used longer and more effectively. 

  • Improvements can be payed with either gold, dollars or decoration parts.
  • When the Landscape Designer is active, it's menu will show all decorations that can be improved, as well as the costs
  • The expected change in happiness and quality will also be shown before the actual improvement process

Disassembling Decorations Edit

Many unused decorations or just need a quick way to get some decoration parts, can done by disassemble existing decorations in each farms & also the decorations stored in inventory (local inventory & drop box). Apart from getting parts, this is a great method of making free room in inventory.

  • Can filter which decorations you'd like to see: On the farm, intermediate storage or inventory, or all.
  • Each decoration will display its happiness as well as the expected amount of gained decoration parts.
  • Every disassemble grants decoration parts, which can be used towards improving decorations.
  • There will be a warning before disassembling a decoration, stating that the decoration will be destroyed in the process. This warning can be disabled for the duration of the event.
  • Can use gold to buy a disassemble bonus. With the bonus active, will receive even more decoration parts from each disassemble for a specific amount of disassemble actions.
  • Disassemble bonuses do not stack, all charges have to be used before buying a new one.