On the GB1 server there is WasscallyWabbit, CM Nafaru and a lot of others on that server. CM Popeye is on the US1 server. You can earn a lot of badges. Some our only from contests, old or only system has earnt it. Here is the list:

First comment

Ten Comments

One hundred comments

Two hundred and fifty comments

Five hundred comments

One thousand comments

Ten thousands comments

First answer


Twenty five answers

One hundred answers

Combo breaker badge

Five likes

Twenty five likes

Fifty likes

One hundred likes

Two hundred and fifty likes

One thousand likes

Five lols

Twenty five lols

One hundred lols

Two hundred and fifty lols

One thousand lols

Snowman builder badge

Five agrees

Twenty five agrees

One hundred agrees

One thousand agrees

First anniversery

Second anniversery

Third anniversery

Fourth anniversery

Fifth anniversery

Sixth anniversery

Seventh anniversery

Eight anniversery

Ninth anniversery

Tenth anniversery


Watch out- you can get warned/ banned for 3,6,12,24 months or forever depending on the reason. You/your parent will get an email about the ban. You can still look at posts but commenting is disbaled. The old buttons were quote, like, lol. spam, abuse, agree, disagree up to December 2015. Now disagree and agree are deleted. There is a weekly news thing on the forum.