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The Easter Event was run over the Easter period and saw farms with Easter Eggs popping up randomly all over them. Farmers had to collect a specific number, to get a limited edition decoration - the birdhouse with a happiness of 40.

The Easter Event ran again in 2014. Each player had to collect 500 eggs from all over their main farm in 20 days. Anyone who completed it within the time limit was given an Easter flag and a birdhouse decoration.

In 2015 players had to collect 11.000 chocolate bunnys from their main farm within 10 days. When completed players got a cherry blossom tree (happiness 65) and a Easter bunny flag. Players also had to collect 10 hidden eggs each day on their farm. Not all players eggs are hidden in the same locations. Here is a picture of where my eggs are for day by Abby janson

Eggs Day 3
Eggs Day 4


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Over the Easter period, an Easter Egg hunt was organised and run by Nafaru where members needed to find eggs hidden in posts all over the forum. The first to find one received 1,000 gold for their troubles.