All cooperative projects require three types of collection items to start them. Collection items are found as you harvest, collect and produce products on your farm.

How to donate collection itemsEdit

To donate collection items to cooperative projects, you need to open up the cooperative window. You will find  the cooperative projects section in the 4th tab.

Coop projects1

Click on a project to bring up a description of it, then click on the box with the green arrow to open it up.

Coop projects2
Once you have the details page open, if you're able to donate collection items to the project, then it will have a green button. If the button is greyed out, then you don't have enough items to donate.

Click on the green button to donate the items.

You can take back collection items if they've been donated in full as long as the project hasn't been started. There will be an orange button allowing you to take back the items if you have supplied them in full and not purchased them with gold.

To purchase collection items with gold, click on the blue button with the shopping trolly. Items purchased with gold are non refundable.