• Tycio

    What a draw!

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  • Kat Nip

    Heyhey Big Farmers,

    last week's update brought a lot of changes, so it's time to let that sink and just add some small additions while working on the next big thing.
    Here are the changes in this week's small update:

    New: Achievements focusing on the gourmet farm

    We are going to introduce 2 new gourmet farm themed sticker packs, including 7 new regular and one new secret achievement as well as new rewards.

    Other changes and bugfixes

    • There will now be tooltips on ship slot items, so you can see how many of those you still have in storage
    • Prime Time interfaces have been reworked to make all conditions more clear
    • Many smaller and bigger bugs have been squatted!

    This update is expected to take place between 09:00am and 11:00am CEST and you may discuss i…

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  • Kat Nip

    Hello Big Farmers,

    This week will bring a lot of informative, challenging, decorative and fun changes to your farms.
    Let's have a look:

    New: permanent library boosters for the gourmet farm and an additional booster for your main farm

    Have you ever wondered why there is no wildflower booster book? Well, since wildflowers have been grown in increasing numbers lately (thanks to the mission system) we decided it's now time to also increase your basic knowledge on wildflower growing.

    But that is not all! We are also going to introduce a whole new section in the library that will be dedicated to your gourmet farm and it's products. Interested in new bakery trends and feed improvements for your donkeys, ducks and goats? Take a look at the all new boos…

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  • Kat Nip

    Hey everyone,

    this week's update will be a calm one - we're mostly working on as many bugfixes as we can possibly fit in, and a lot of small changes to the backend system.

    The ship - Changes

    The amount of products you already have in your storage will now be shown within the ship's window, so you will have a much easier time calculating for the next shipment. This will be shown as a tool tip for each product.

    Tutorial - Changes

    Loading times for new players that didn't finish the tutorial yet should be much better now. We also tweaked some task content during the tutorial.

    Next week though, there will be a lot of stuff that you might like Let me just tease you with one word: Decorations!

    Have fun,
    your Big Farm team.


    Update discussion

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  • Kat Nip

    Ahoy, me Big Farm mateys,

    Yarrrr, what is that showing up on the horizon?
    Is it a boat, is it a plane or is it Superman fighting a giant monster shark? Oh.. it actually is a boat! And it's docking at our harbor!

    New Feature: The Ship v1

    This time, we introduce something you all have been waiting for - the first feature of the new environment: the ship.
    Captain Barnacle and his baby octopus Miss Tentacle are planning to set up some agreement with you to get regular shipments going from your farm.
    The ship will arrive every now and then to pick up some goods you have to deliver. Once a shipment is completed, the ship leaves and you will get a reward.


    • Captain Barnacle's ship docks at the harbor next to your farm.
    • Once the ship has arrived and y…

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  • Kat Nip

    Hey everyone,
    here's all the information you'll need for our next update! So, what's going to happen?

    - New: Slide Up Notifications

    We'll introduce a new notification system, which will hopefully help you immensely in the future! Starting with mission notifications to remind you of available missions, the game will give you a small reminder about things that are about to happen.

    We're planning to incorporate many other features in the future, for example to let you know when a coop project begins or ends, without distracting the gameplay too much.
    You will find the reminder right above the mission/research area at the main menu. It will scroll into view, and will disappear after a short while. The gameplay will not be affected, you can just con…

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  • Kat Nip

    Hello Big Farmers,

    you've been waiting eagerly to find out what mysterious feature you're going to be able to use your certificates on.
    Now we're gonna reveal it:

    New: Farm Machines

    Have you ever wondered why there were no farm machines in Big Farm?
    Now you get the chance to acquire them and put them in a garage next to your farm. Those farm machines will grant you permanent boosters for your farm. Here are the details:

    • There will be 4 different types of farm machines you can construct, each has a different effect:
      - happiness (gives extra happiness for your main farm)
      - certificate bonus (increases the amount of certificates you get after each mission)
      - reputation bonus (increases the amount of reputation points you get after each mission)
      - worke…

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  • Kat Nip

    Hello Big Farmers,

    the next update is going to be a small one again, so we can already start preparations for the new mysterious garage feature. Still there are some things to announce:
    Deletion of inactive player accounts

    Big Farm is getting more and more users every day - in fact we just reached 25 million players!
    Some of these players have not checked their farms for quite some time now and keep other players from using their user names, even though they don't play anymore. New players will now get the chance to claim some of these names: We will do some spring cleaning and - starting with this update - delete all accounts that have been inactive for at least 6 months.

    So if you have a farm idling on another server and haven't visited that…

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  • Kat Nip

    Hi all,
    As you may know, the season of eggs, bunnies and chocolate is almost here and this means a new forum event! To keep you in the mood and to restrain you from your furious impulse for chocolate, this event will last until the 21st of April !
    Things will be simple: We want you to paint and customize actual easter eggs!
    That means you’ve got to be creative and take the best possible picture of your customized egg.

    Post your pictures here before the 21st of April (at noon) to enter the contest! We will then select several winners.

    After that, phase 2 of the event starts, but this is a little surprise and you will know more about it really soon. I can just tell you that your eggs will travel quite a lot !

    Here is the set of rules :

    • No limit for…

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  • Kat Nip

    Hey guys,
    here's the information for our second update this week

    - New: New rewards for Prime Spending

    We added some new rewards for our Prime Spending event. Lots of new surprises for you!

    '- 'New: New Exclusive Offer Stages

    Two new alternative deco appearances for the rope lights are coming in!

    - New: Main Farm Tasks

    We added more tasks to the main farm, one more quest for every building! Don't worry - if you already did upgrade those buildings, the quests will still pop up and you will be able to collect the reward immediately!

    Bugfixes and other changes

    • Loading process optimized. The loading order when starting up the game should now allow for faster interaction and less waiting time.
    • Inventory full popup was a bit confusing, we made it better!
    • C…

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  • Sennea

    Infobox Templates

    April 11, 2014 by Sennea

    Posted about this in the forum instead...

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  • Sennea


    April 10, 2014 by Sennea

    This is for me to quickly grab codes I might use a lot around here, but any contributor is welcome to them (including changing the style). I'll be adding this stuff to some articles to grab the attention of other editors who may have the information needed or using it for other formatting that I don't want to keep retyping.

    Little Boxes

    Copy and paste the code below the example into the article Source, replace the text.


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  • Kat Nip

    Hey Big Farmers,
    after the gourmet farm was now finally reworked, it's time to implement another change you have all been waiting for.
    Excited? You better be:

    Rework of the mission system
    Due to popular demand, we reworked the way missions work in Big Farm! They will now be available around the clock, and it will be much easier to just join a mission whenever you like to. Also, we put a lot of work into a much better matchmaking system, so you hopefully won't find yourself struggling against much stronger Big Farmers anymore!
    How does it work? Here are the details!

    Signing up for a mission

    • If you sign up for a mission, one of currently 4 mission types will be chosen for you. Which mission type is chosen is random, so you will no longer be able to…

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  • Sennea

    Been working on the Cooperative Projects section and was going to include duck coops, but not sure if their eggs count toward completing the project or if it's only chicken eggs. Either way, I'm storing some code here for now.

    Duck coop

    Produces in 13 min X4.6

    1 Coop Produces in1h00

    2 Coops Produces in 1h00 3 Coop Produces in 1h00 4 Coops Produces in 1h00
    Level 1 # Eggs # Eggs # Eggs # Eggs # Eggs
    Level 2 # Eggs # Eggs # Eggs # Eggs # Eggs
    Level 3 # Eggs # Eggs # Eggs # Eggs # Eggs
    Level 4 # Eggs # Eggs # Eggs # Eggs # Eggs
    Level 5 # Eggs # Eggs # Eggs # Eggs # Eggs
    Level 6 # Eggs # Eggs # Eggs # Eggs # Eggs
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  • Kat Nip

    Hey everyone,
    you were waiting for this one, and now it's here: The Gourmet Farm will change fundamentally, and we have all the information you need to know right here!
    - New: Gourmet Farm Rework

    - Removal of redundant buildings

    As you already know, a lot of new buildings will be added to the Gourmet Farm. For this to work, we will have to remove all buildings that are no longer needed, used or won't be reworked. Of course, you will get all Dollars back you spent for these buildings (and their upgrades). Here's a list of all buildings that will be removed:

    • Garden
    • Almond orchard
    • Bakery
    • Dairy
    • Restaurant

    All decorations, residentials, the cabin, the goat stable and of course the fence and gate will stay, and so will all expansions you already claimed.


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  • Kat Nip

    Hey everybody,

    the gourmet farm changes will happen pretty soon. The developers are still working on some tweaks and adjustments, though. Until then... we can show you what will happen next week:

    Changes in regards to farm booster feedback in the user interface

    Until now you could barely see what kinds of boosters were active on your farm and which effect they brought along.
    Now we are going to adjust and add some more elements in the user interface in order to make sure you can see which boosters are active and what their bonus to productions is.
    Upon collecting goods from production sites, you will now have an indicator on the progress bar that shows you that more items are being collected. In production dialogues (e.g. in the mill or the se…

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  • Kat Nip

    Hey Big Farmers,

    The gourmet farm changes are coming closer and closer. Until then, we still have some small but nifty changes for you.
    Let's take a look:

    Adjustments to eggs

    As one of the preparation steps for the second farm rework, we will adjust all values connected to eggs.
    From this update on, you will now only produce one fourth of the amount of eggs you produced before, BUT don't worry, you will also receive 4 times the amount of dollars if you sell them. This means your egg-revenues will stay the same, but your barn won't be stuffed as quickly anymore if you collect eggs from your chicken coops.
    Additionally, we will change everything regarding egg-collection:

    • tasks - amount of eggs needed adjusted to one fourth of the former amount
    • recip…

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  • Kat Nip

    Hey guys, here are all infos for our next update on wednesday!

    New: Big Farm Deals

    The Bazaar has opened!
    You know the rapid fire offers from Monica, but now a new vendor will visit your farm and carries even more great offers in his cart!
    Omar Al-Tajer will not only offer Dollars in exchange for gold, but also gives you the opportunity to buy various premium items for a very low price! Their may even be 100% price drops - so keep your eyes open, because you wouldn't wanna miss free stuff, now won't you?
    Similar to Monica, his offers are only viable for a certain amount of time and will then change to the next random offer. You can see the current offer's remaining time at the clock above Omar's head.

    New: Prime Sale

    Did you always wish for disc…

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  • Kat Nip

    Hello everybody,

    last week a lot of new things were added to your farms. This week will bring only a few changes so you can relax and get ready for the next big update.

    Here's the preview of all upcoming changes:

    Prime Day: Mystery Box
    Until now, mystery boxes were only available during Benny Buddler's special offer event. Now you will be able to get them as a special bonus to your gold purchases as well.
    We're introducing the new Prime Day: Mystery Box! Take this chance and grab some of these mysterious reward-containing boxes now!

    Rework of the Mystery Box interface
    With the aforementioned new Prime Day you can now get more than one Mystery Box at once. These ought to be temporarily stored somewhere, right? That's what the dropbox is for. If yo…

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  • Kat Nip

    Spring Countdown on Facebook

    February 19, 2014 by Kat Nip

    Dear Farmers,
    winter is coming to an end the temperature is gradually rising, ice is melting and nature is coming back to life again. Can you already smell the spring?
    We are looking forward to the explosion of colors, the blooming flowers in landscapes and meadows coloring our lives once again.
    We do love spring time and due to that we have prepared something really special for all of you. We will do a spring countdown together and we will celebrate every single day, giving you the possibility to obtain rewards for your farms.
    Check out the sweet offers we will be sharing with you during the next 31 days on our Facebook fan page!

    But...What is the Big Farm Spring Countdown?
    The Big Farm Spring Countdown is comprised of treats which we will put …

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  • Kat Nip

    Farmentine's Day is here!

    February 15, 2014 by Kat Nip

    Dear community,

    Today we celebrate a lovely day: Farmentine’s Day!
    Therefore, we kindly invite you to join us on this special date and perhaps you can dedicate some words to a close friend, your crush or maybe even to a member of your cooperative.

    You can get an enlarged version of this postcard by going to the forum and downloading it there.  

    You can get an enlarged version of this postcard by going to the forum and downloading it there.

    We would like to make this a remarkable event which will be remembered for days to come. We strongly believe that Farmentine’s day’s true meaning is about the celebration of special people in your life... might be your friends, your partner, your family or even your pets (they're almost like people ri…

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  • Kat Nip

    Hey Big Farmers,
    here's the newest information about our next update(s). Lots of stuff coming your way!

    Starting this week (Feb 12):

    - New: Farm Environment (Step 1)
    That's right! You read our post about Big Farm's future, and now Project 2014 is on its way. But even if you're excited, keep in mind that this is only the first step: For now, we will only add the new farm background to the game. It will not yet be usable in any way right now, all the playable features will be added over time.
    Since this is a huge change to the game, we have to enable this feature step by step on different servers. It will first be added to some of the smaller servers to make sure that everything goes well in the update process. All other servers will then follow…

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  • Kat Nip

    Hey everyone
    To give you some information on what we're working on in 2014, here's the first picture of our biggest new series of features yet! If you're wondering what exactly you're looking at right now: We can't tell you too much, but here's a little information you might find interesting.


    This picture only shows an unfinished draft, which won't be in the game exactly like this. It will look very similar, though.
    You can see the complete picture on our Facebook page right now

    Here you'll see one of our two main changes to the game in 2014 (the other being the complete overhaul of the Gourmet farm), our main project in 2014: Farm environment.
    However, the name "Project 2014" is to be taken seriously: All new features of …

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  • Kat Nip

    Hello Big Farmers,
    just enough time to squeeze one more update to January - what do we have?

    New: The Deco Tower

    A new building next to your farm will give you access to the Deco Tower, a collection of all your decoration. Here you can check on what decos you have and which ones are missing yet

    • The Deco Tower can be opened by clicking on the new building next to your farm
    • You can change floors via a selection on the left side of the new menu
    • At the Deco Tower, you can zoom closer to your decorations than it is possible within the game, so you can check them out in great detail.
    • Decos you don't own yet will only be visible as black shapes
    • If you obtain a new decoration, you can activate it in the Deco Tower by clicking its shape

    New: Fertile field


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  • Kat Nip

    Hey, you crafty farmers,
    We know a lot of you like cooking, baking or otherwise preparing tasty stuff!
    Since you probably know we're hungry all the time, we decided to give you a little task for a chance to win the Community Decoration:
    Create a new Big Farm favorite meal, take a picture of it and publish it here!

    We Don't care if it's cake, ice cream, soup, roastbeef or pasta, bacon, waffles, eggs, burger or cookies, bacon, breakfast, pizza, sushi or bacon - everything's allowed, as long as the following rules are maintained:

    • The meal has to be associated with the game at first glance.
      Meaning you could for example use the Big Farm logo or a character, or create a whole farm out of the meal.
    • The meal should, if possible, be self-made.

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  • Kat Nip

    Hello everybody,

    We are already busy working on a few small suprises, which although small, will pave the way for many exciting things in the future!
    We know you will be curious about what these suprises are, but you will have to wait a little longer to find out. In the meantime, have fun discussing the update planned for next week. :P

    New feature: Prime Spending

    Until now you could 'only' get a bonus for purchasing gold, but why should there not be another bonus for spending this gold later on?
    With this update, we will introduce "Prime Spending".
    This feature will give you the chance to gain rewards for spending gold! It works kind of similar to Prime Days, but this time you will not have to fill a water tank to claim your reward. Instead, the…

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  • Kat Nip

    Hey Big Farmers,
    we're starting into the new year. First update in 2014, here we go!

    New: Prime Days

    There will be two new versions of a Prime Day you already know: the Prime Day reward box!
    These versions will offer you a smaller box with less content but will also require you to purchase less gold in order to get it.

    New: Custom cooperative rejection message

    Cooperative leaders and deputies can now write a small customizable text upon rejecting member applications. Applicants will then know, why their application to your cooperative was rejected.

    New: Inventory Notifications

    If you get new items (e.g. rewards for quests or events), these will now be marked by a new exclamation mark icon. The icon will be shown directly above your inventory at t…

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  • Kat Nip

    Hey Farmers,

    Christmas is near and we all know that you are busy with the winter event, but still we have another small update for you.

    Complete removal of staff

    We deactivated the possibility to hire staff for your farms a while ago, but some players gave them long-term contracts and so they have still been working on some farms.
    With this update, we will completely remove (and replace) this feature, which means you will no longer be able to get any effect from the hired staff. Of course, you will not lose the gold you invested for being a nice employer and paying them beforehand. If you paid them for months in advance, you will of course get part of your gold back.

    New feature: Library

    As you all know, Daniel likes to do research. Within the …

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  • Kat Nip

    Jingle, jangle, jingle, jangle!

    It's all winter-y, and the holiday season is close! We, too, have a few suprises in our bag - I mean, sleeves!

    New Event: Winter! Christmas decoration is everywhere, except your farm looks kinda empty - This will change, because Tessa is planning to make your farm moody! She didn't think of George though, who can't remember where he stored his decorations. Help both of them to find Georges old stash, so your farm can join the party!

    Changes: Farm positioning and undergrowth

    • Until now, every undergrowth had its own demolition time and its own Dollar value when destroying it. That was somewhat weird, if you realized that the most recently destroyed undergrowth did take longer than the next one. So now we changed th…

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  • Kat Nip

    Hey everyone, here are the news for our next update!
    This time, we'll have a bit of stuff that a lot of you will really like, since we finally got around to take care of a few community ideas again So, shall we?

    New: Project Ranking

    Many players wished for a better insight on how they and their fellow cooperative members perform in cooperative projects. Your wish is our command, so here's the brand new project ranking!*The project ranking will be on the cooperative's member list

    • Each member's performance will be displayed with little shovel icons
    • It will be displayed for every coop member's performance during the last 5 projects, with more recent project having more weight than older ones.
    • The maximum amount which every player can earn per proje…

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  • Kat Nip

    this week there's a lot of news for decoration collectors and friends of conspiracies - exciting!

    New Themed Event: U.F.O.
    During Halloween you saw strange things happen on your farms, but now it gets even stranger! Jack and Jim donned their agent outfit, while investigating a huge conspiracy. According to Farmer George, weird visitors have been seen on your farm - rumors even mention aliens from outer space! What is going on?

    The truth is out there! Find it and be prepared for new quests, new decorations, a new event seed and the new themed event!

    New decoration

    • Mysterious Relic
    • Crater
    • Galactic Garden
    • Crop Circle

    News Event-Seed:

    • Rapeseed

    Prime Day: Production and Construction time reduction

    With this new Prime Day bonus, your production and co…

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  • Kat Nip


    November 15, 2013 by Kat Nip

    I would just like to welcome everyone to Big Farm Addiction! Please feel free to make yourself at home, and if you wish to, contribute what knowledge of the game you have. All constructive contributions are very welcome.  :)

    Please do keep in mind that it's not a good idea to take other peoples information and pass it off as your own, so with that in mind, any substantial contributions made need to be written by yourself.

    Thank you and once again, welcome!

    Kat.  :)

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